Kathryn & Gille: The Mount Weddings: Lenox, Mass.

I am very excited to share with you Kathyrn & Gille’s wedding from the Mount in Lenox, Mass. To say I was excited for this one would be an understatement. Putting these two in front of the camera and combining it with the beautiful setting the Mount offers was nothing short of amazing. It was a dream wedding with a dream couple. Congratulations again guys!

~ Eric






















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  1. Linda Murphy

    Thank you Eric for your beautiful photographs that truly capture the essence of such a magical wedding celebration!

    Kathryn and Gille….the camera loves you….gorgeous pictures of a wonderful couple! Much love to you both!

  2. Wanda Chop

    Your wedding was absolutely the most beautiful wedding that Jerry and I have ever gone to. You make a beautiful couple and my beautiful niece, you certainly make a camera shine.
    Love you both.