Eric Foley

Who Am I?

First and foremost, a devoted husband and father to my beautiful wife Erin and wonderful kids Keegan and Aislinn. I always cherish the time we spend together because I know we are never promised tomorrow. I feel that every relationship I make is sacred and meant to be. I feel the bond we share and make visible to others is a direct reflection of our souls. Photography for me, is a way to express that inner feeling that simply cannot be put into words. Living life with no regrets and welcoming any and all new experiences, that’s me.

My Style

The one word I always come back to when asked about my style is “timeless”. I have a beautiful picture of my Grandparents in my studio from their wedding day. It was taken over 50 years ago. The image is classic and looks as good now as it did then. That’s what I want for my couples! I want you to feel beautiful, and see yourself like you never have before. I want you to have images that look great now and look as good in 50 years. Most of all, I want to create something for you and your family to reflect the past, present and future of your beautiful lives. Timeless heirlooms….

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