Do I need an engagement session?

This one depends on many factors unique to each couple. About 50% of our couples take advantage of this session. We recommend engagement sessions to couples who may be nervous about being in front of a camera or being the center of attention. It offers a great opportunity to break the ice with your photographer and have a working relationship before your wedding. It builds trust for the couples and usually results in a smooth wedding day transition. It’s also a great excuse to go somewhere you haven’t been to have your photographs taken.

How many hours of photographic coverage will I need on my wedding day?

We offer three hourly packages that can be extended via the al a carte menu. We explain to our couples as an average:

  • 6 hours will allow you coverage from the ceremony through a good part of the reception.
  • 8 hours will allow you a portion of the getting ready bridal prep (covering hair, makeup & details) and carry your coverage through most of your reception.
  • 10 hours will provide you with ample time to cover bridal prep and reception. 10 hours usually provides a cushion for extended portraits and time gaps between the ceremony and reception.


How many photographers do I need on my wedding day?

We suggest whenever possible, having two. The benefits are being in two places at once, capturing different angles of the same image, photographing all of your guest (attempting to) and capturing candid situations. Having two photographers can also be considered a safety net in case of emergencies. We also strongly recommend 3 photographers for guest counts over 300 ppl.


Do you bring backup equipment with you to your weddings?

Yes!!! We require that each photographer has a minimum of two cameras and backups of all other essential gear to the wedding day. We also backup our image files on site to ensure the integrity of your wedding images are safe.

How long do you backup and keep the images from your engagement sessions and weddings?

We archive our images for an eternity on our personal and off-site servers. We always have at least three backups of each photo session. We archive raw and .jpeg files in their original file form.